Workaholics Halloween Costume Ideas

Thinking of dressing up like a Workaholics character for Halloween, but not sure who to choose? Maybe you know who you want to be, but need a little help narrowing down the outfit…if so, then head over to the Workaholics Facebook page where you can view a gallery of all the characters in their most iconic outfits (like Adam in his Blink 182 shirt):

Post pictures of you and your friends in costume on our Facebook wall (which some people have started doing - and it’s awesome) and we’ll re - post the best ones on Tumblr and Twitter.

Go to the gallery now. You’ve only got 6 days until Halloween.

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    Two friends and I have the most awesome costume I have ever been a part of. It’s a surprise so pics and a description...
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    Adam, Dustin and Brandon are my heros for their costumes
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    my best friends and I are going to be Workaholics for a night this weekend! :D
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