The Workaholics “5 Seconds to Glory” Sweepstakes gives YOU the chance to have your name immortalized in a Season 3 episode!

Season 2’s winner, Brent Hoffman, saw his handle be used as one of Jillian’s dead cats in "Man Up".  This year’s winner could see their name used for a live cat, or even better, a person*!  The only guarantee is that it’ll be memorable.

(*who may or may not be alive)

To throw your name in the ring, click on the link and "LIKE" Workaholics on Facebook (if you haven’t already) to fill out the official entry form.    

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    wooohoo Blake Anderson here I come
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    I would love to enter but you fucks only made the contest for Murricans! Totally the loosiest butthole move ever.
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