Fun facts, nuggets, and tidbits about the writing and production of the Workaholics episode "Booger Nights", some of which may be true, some of which may be frothy filler to get to 7 items of note—

  1. Original Title:"The TAC Roast of Bill S."  Montez originally messed his pants, but once the booger train rolled through, it took over the title and actions.  It’s still the grossest thing the show’s ever done, IMO, and I’ve never been able to watch it.
  2. Instead of a gun, there was talk of Bill having a working grenade as his threat; but then we wanted to see an actual explosion, which costs money, and, well, as you’ll see in future episodes we destroy a lot of stuff as is.
  3. B-Rad wasn’t B-ack until very late in the story process; but everyone was thrilled to have him and another return has not been ruled out. B-Rad could be the Harry the Hat from Cheers of Workaholics, in a reference 4 people will get.
  4. Waymond had a page-long, profanity-filled roast of Bill that was never actually written but would have used all the letter-first words so the entire thing was bleeped out and you never heard him talk.
  5. When the guys go to spy on Bill, we were to meet Bill’s oft-discussed roommates, Damon and Felix, but there scene was cut for time.
  6. Jillian’s outfit was described as "Sandman Simms" in the script. I thought she looked more like a fun Blossom, though.  Not a diss.  
  7. The entire episode is a chapter from B-Rad’s cop novel and never actually happened… OR DID IT?!?!

Miss the episode?  Want to see it again with all these knowledge bombs in your tank brain?  Check your local listings for the Comedy Central re-air of "BOOGER NIGHTS"!

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