The Workaholics Mix Tape - A TelAmerican Horror Story


What spooky sounds sprayed musical viscera all over the carcass of "A TelAmerican Horror Story"?  The Workaholics Mix Tape’s got your scar tissue…

The most popular track from the episode was "Zombies and Prom Queens", composed by Holter/Smith, which is courtesy of Extreme Music.  You heard it as Adam tried desperately to stay awake in the house; luckily his fan blades caused no casualties. 

They’ve thought you might like the song, too, and made it available for purchase on iTunes… HERE.

There were also many tracks that influenced the overall theme, size, and scope of horror world under the #SuperMoon light—

  • Enigma - "Sadness" inspired Adam’s zombie march through the office
  • Theme from John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN 
  • Theme from FRIDAY THE 13TH
  • Theme from that other one
  • The sound of children crying
  • The sound of parents listening to their children crying
  • Two dudes kissing… whoops, MISREAD…

The Workaholics Mix Tape; not as scary as a body-possessing spirit, but just as invasive.

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    Mixtape series is gaining some traction with...wake-n-bake set. Dig it.
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    The music licensing business is weird. A song I wrote 5 years ago gets licensed for a show on Comedy Central and I find...
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