WorkahoLEAKS - A TelAmerican Horror Story


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Was it just the renovations?   

Read on for all kinds of behind-the-scenes bits that went into the making and telling of "A TelAmerican Horror Story".

And if you’re asking me?  It was just the renovations.  I was there.  It happened.  Let’s not let it haunt us anymore than it has to, the week was terrifying, but it’s over.   How terrifying?…

  • …Try walking around your office and staying calm while THIS is around—


(Photo Courtesy Jerry Jaeger)

  • DP 10, or DR Pepper 10 as some call it, was not a product placement deal; it stemmed from a Writer’s Room bit about the commercials being so men-focused, or even anti-women, that it ended up being written into the show with the thought being Adam, Ders, and Blake are the type of guys who would listen to a soda commercial as gospel.  "For Men Only!”, indeed!  
  • Bill’s cards were almost for a Wedding DJ service, a Dog Walking, or Lawn Mowing business.  Since this was filmed before "Booger Nights", his Robot Mime from Weekend Bill wasn’t finalized yet, or the cards would have likely foreshadowed that second-career choice.
(Photo Courtesy Brian Ferguson)
  • The Snappy Construction Worker was played by Workaholics’ own Patrick Heffernan, our Key Grip. You may know his older brother.
  • Adam Devine’s own Mom and Dad cameoed in the episode as an office worker and construction worker, respectively.  Adam swiped the non-dairy creamer from his mother in a way to suggest he wanted her to commit to the part.  She did.  Way to go, Mrs. Devine!

DID YOU KNOW: The “NICE!” at the end of every episode over the Mail Order Comedy vanity card is read by Adam’s Dad?

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