WorkahoLEAKS - Alice Quits

Way-mond about to get Way-layed.  

In "Alice Quits, the guys fun and gunned their way to a new boss; even if it was just a temporary reign.  What went into making the episode?  What was Waymond’s first scripted line?  Where was Alice?  Original ending??!!?

Read on for a 5-rated episodic performance review…

  • Waymond speaks!  Sort of.  Waymond’s first scripted-line, "Get Down!", was never heard because of the slo-mo style of the scene.  And the food in his mouth.  Hey, he may not have said more than a gargled mishmash of breakfast mush.  We’ll never know…

Waymond, "Get Down!"

  • Bruce Benson, TelAmeriCorp CEO (played by Chris Parnell) heads the telemarketing firm; and Cool Eric is the on-site HR Head.  Where does Daniel Stern’s Travis Rockne fit into the mix?  He was envisioned as Regional Manager-type, and his days in Rancho Cucamonga could be far from over.
  • Early story discussions had Adam, Blake and Ders going to Alice’s home to plead with her to come back to the office; others had them going to her new job, which at one point would have been in a popular restaurant chain’s kitchen.
  • ORIGINAL ENDING — Jillian drags a bunch of screen grabs from her desktop and puts them in a folder marked "Guys’ Dicks".  

All in all, we’re glad Alice didn’t really quit.  Because it’s just a TV show and for a character to quit would mean they became sentient and break the fourth wall, and if Alice could become real, so could Aliens.  And Predators.  And then no one’s safe.

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