The Workaholics Mix Tape: Fourth and Inches


Hey can you tell me what song that was when the Adam, Blake and Ders rained salty snacks on one another?  Or when they got drunk with Bobby and chugged hella whatever that was?  Ya know, the music featured in "Fourth and Inches"?

Yes.  Yes, I can.  Read on.

Welcome to the Music Center.  That’s what this second part of the page is, we’re not married to the title.  Mix Tape works, let’s stay on brand.  That settled, let’s get into the MUSIC—

As Adam, Blake, and Ders celebrated their winning first bet, "Crew" by Mono/Poly made it rain beats on your eardrums.

When the guys got in too deep with Jerry and his Betting Buddies (AKA Montage #1 of 3) in the episode, we blared the correctly titled "Number One" by Dirty B.

And once the Tub Chuggin’ got our boys buggin’ we played - "Grape Drank" by Kovas.

Music Supervisor Jen Pyken and Music Coordinator Melany Mitchell have been trying to get "Grape Drank" on the show since Season 1, in a variety of episodes; but everyone agreed the chug sesh (AKA Montage #2 of 3) was the perfect fit.  

Wanna know what we played and when? The Workaholics Mix Tape has the goods.  The goods are music listings.

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