Just what the heck are Adam, Ders, and Blake up to that would bring them anywhere near a theater with such a marquee?

It’s been an interesting day of shooting on Workaholics Season 2, to say the least. 

So what could this episode be about? 

  • Are the guys walking through a bad neighborhood, possibly looking for Karl’s dead body?  Or Karl’s live body, which could smell just as bad as the dead one.  This is rampant speculation.
  • Is their internet connection at home down, forcing one (or more) of the dudes to take drastic measures for adult entertainment?
  • Or, it could just be something our magnificent Art Department cooked up to make the background of a driving scene more interesting?

All will be revealed this fall.  Well, probably not ALL, but a solid portion.

Also, for those who will ask, some notes on the features—

Endless Hummer, like Snakes on a Plane before it, will have trouble living up to it’s pre-release hype.  But the talent is there.

Eskimo Sluts IV, is a worthy, inspired addition to the series.  Those Eskimo’s, always ready to give it up, four times over now.

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