Here are some photos from the Workaholics writers’ room. As you can see, we have a lot of mineral water, bongs and whiskey.

Workaholics is different than most shows in that the main actors also write the scripts. The writing staff consists of Adam, Ders, Blake, Kyle, Showrunner - Kevin Etten and between one and three staff writers.

All shows work a little bit differently, but on Workaholics, everyone sits together in the room and brainstorms ideas. Once a story idea has been agreed upon for an episode, we plug it into a formula to see if the action will carry an episode and give each character something to do.

If the story idea works in the formula, the next step is to write it up in a very brief outline/one sheet form. From there we add jokes and other story ideas and make the next pass a more detailed outline. By this point we have to get the idea approved by the network and if they decide to approve the story, we do one to two more passes on the outline and try to make it as detailed as possible before it goes to script.

When it’s ready to go to script it gets assigned to a writer who is in charge of writing the first draft of the script. Once that is done, everyone reads it and gives notes and the writers assemble to give notes and do a joke punch. It is very much a team effort.

By this point we usually get more notes from the network and then depending on how much time you have before the episode shoots you either do a table read of the script or continue to add jokes and change stuff.

Eventually the script gets shot and becomes an episode of Workaholics. 

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