ANOTHER Day on Set!

Join the Workaholics Tumblr this Thursday as we bring you another "Day on Set"!

We’ll go behind the scenes of shooting our latest episode, meet members of the crew, and take you inside a day in the life of Adam, Blake, Ders and all the people who make Workaholics a reality.

Join us bright and early at call through the last shot of the day; from S’go! to S’go home!

That’s a (Thursday) Wrap

They called it.  We’re done shooting Day 27 (of 40) of Workaholics Season 2.

Now it’s all about wrapping up what we have to get ready and come back to shoot more tomorrow.

We honestly believe Workaholics has the best crew in TV (take that, Grey’s Anatomy) and while we didn’t get to showcase everyone today, we hope to in the future.  

There wouldn’t be a show without them, although there wouldn’t be a blog without us, and we don’t see them taking our picture.  What gives.

Thanks to all the fans for all the feedback of our first Day on Set, and we hope to bring you another one soon.

The Crew

Evan Ahlgren, Assistant Editor and Melany Mitchell, Music Coordinator:

Here they are editing music cues for an upcoming episode from Season 2.

Shooting in our TelAmeriCorp set means we don’t have to leave our Production Office, so checking on an episode’s progress in Post is an office away.  We tried to get Evan to give us a sneak peek at the scene he was working on, but he said it was ‘against the rules’.

You can’t watch your stupid editing computer all day, Evan.  You keep drinking that coffee, and eventually you’re gonna have to 10-1.  And when you do, we’ll hop in your chair, try to figure out how editing software works, and THEN we’ll have a sneak peek at your precious Season 2 footage…