issaaaacc asked:

Do you think there is a place called paraDERs? (paradise for Anders)

I’d like to think that’d be paradise for anyone who enjoyed an Anders in their life.  

Oh, did you mean “Paradise for Anders?  

All Anders?  Or just Ders?  Like only him and no one else ever?  Gotta think solo paradise would get lonely, no matter how many variety of panini they have.

Snoozed on your Valentine’s Day present? It’s not too late to give your special someone a DIY pop-up card that’s fully torqued!


  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Stapler and/or Glue
  • 2 sheets of red construction paper
  • 1 sheet of pink construction paper

1. Fold one sheet of red construction paper into quarters. Open it back up and cut in half along the shorter crease. Fold one of the remaining halves along the crease and discard the other.
2. With the crease facing toward you, fold the top layer downward at a 30-degree angle, leaving approx 1-inch at the top-right corner (fig. 2). Flip and repeat the fold on the other side (fig. 3).
3. Cut a 1-inch-wide strip, lengthwise, from the pink construction paper. This will represent his stomach. (fig. 4)
4. Cut triangles using both bottom corners of the remaining pink paper, each about 3 inches long. These will represent his legs. (fig. 5)
5. Fold the second sheet of red paper in half along the shorter side. This will be your card.
6. Staple or glue all 3 pink pieces to the inside of the card as shown in fig. 6.
7. Using a marker, draw Anders’ bellybutton in the middle of the top pink strip.
8. Staple or glue the red paper from step 2 as shown in fig. 7. Make sure the opposing creases of the card and the pop-up line up correctly.
9. Add images (download here), personalize with additional messages and send it off!
10. Buck your soul mate.