Batman VS Superman.  Harvard VS Yale.  Pepsi VS Coke.   Classic rivals all, the defenders of each loyal to their last breath.  Today, we reveal a rivalry that trumps them all.

Team Waymond VS Team Jet Set

In the TelAmeriCorp world, Waymond is the OG.  He was in the original pilot presentation of Workaholics, and hence was the original office background favorite.  

To be Team Waymond is to be a Workaholic from the start; to rep the classics; to understand that we all came from somewhere.

Once Workaholics was picked up to series, a new maven stormed the office background, with a style all his own and the jacket to match.  This new camp splintered off from the strong Waymond contingent, to form Team Jet Set.  

To be Team Jet Set is to welcome change; to evolve; to understand that what is now, may not later be.

The Workaholics Tumblr wants to know— which side are you on?