WorkahoLEAKS - A TelAmerican Horror Story


(Photo Courtesy Steven White)

Was it just the renovations?   

Read on for all kinds of behind-the-scenes bits that went into the making and telling of "A TelAmerican Horror Story".

And if you’re asking me?  It was just the renovations.  I was there.  It happened.  Let’s not let it haunt us anymore than it has to, the week was terrifying, but it’s over.   How terrifying?…

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Did you #GetWeird on Twitter during the premiere of "Booger Nights"?

These fellows sure did.  I personally didn’t know Austin Powers was on Twitter, either, I thought he was still frozen or in the 70’s or… how did Goldmember end?  

Anyway, tweet at your #Workaholics to follow Mail Order Comedy on Twitter as they live tweet tonight’s "A TelAmerican Horror Story" under the pale #SUPERMOON sky starting at 10/9 CT—

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…and don’t be scurrrrrrred of the rest of the Workaholics cast—

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And follow the official Workaholics twitter feed- @WorkaholicsCC - for all your Workaholics news in Twitter form.  

Tweet along with the cast and you could see your tweets here next week; if you are out for that sort of press, maybe you just tweet for yourself.  That’s fine.  We respect that.