The Workaholics Mix Tape — The Meat Jerking Beef Boys

"The Meat Jerking Beef Boys" didn’t feature any licensed music; hence, no Mix Tape for your listening pleasure.

But if you wanted to assemble a fan playlist for the episode, it’d probably start with tracks like—

  1. Queen - “You’re My Best Friend”.  For both Ders and Thor, and Adam, Blake, and Ders.  On the nose, but so’s a chainsaw blood-spattering a kitchen when Dad’s on his way to visit, right?
  2. James Brown - "Living in America".  This goes in any episode ever, really, but works well with the theme of starting your own business, and failing, like America trying to build that elevator to space.
  3. John Mayer - "Daughters".  So you can imagine what Ders’ life would be like if he were a girl and his dad raised him like a daughter.  See also Pearl Jam’s “Daughter”, which probably makes more sense but… ah fuck it.
  4. G.I. Joe Theme.  Obv reason(s).  Or “Obv Rea”, if you want to be even cooler about it.  And don’t you?  You’re listening to the G.I. Joe theme song!
  5. S. White - "Chicks Love Channing Tatum”.  This is a song I wrote this morning walking to my car.  I don’t have anything besides the opening line and "all they wanna do is date ‘em."  But if you want to download it I can try to meet someone who plays guitar.
  6. I’m just GIVING that Channing Tatum song away, aren’t I?

The Workaholics Mix Tape… less and less, the songs in the show, and more and more, stuff ABOUT music like the show.  But always keeping you informed; because knowing?  Is half the battle.  Remember I said that.