Tonight on Workaholics…

TONIGHT, just ONE WEEK from the Season 3 premiere, catch four of your favorite Workaholics episodes!  

8:27/7:27 CT - OLD MAN DERS; All aboard to downtown POUND TOWN!

9:28/8:28 CT - CHECKPOINT GNARLY; B-RAD is RAD, and also, ON TV.

10:29/9:29 CTDRY GUYS; Cool Eric doesn’t care if you watch, he just wants you to use the puppets and not come to work smelling like a bar mat.  

11:31/10:31 CT - KARL’S WEDDING; Featuring Adam’s show stopping performance of "I Don’t Care".  

Then join us for ALL NEW Season 3 episodes starting NEXT Tuesday, May 29th, at 10:30/9:30 CT, only on Comedy Central.

Checkpoint Gnarly DVD Commentary

On October 11th, you can finally bring the Workaholics home with you… in DVD form.  

But RIGHT NOW in this special sneak preview, you can listen to Anders, Adam and Blake as they commentate with Director Kyle Newacheck, Showrunner Kevin Etten, and special guest Edward Barbanell (AKA B-Rad) while they watch B-Rad’s coming out party, “Checkpoint Gnarly”.

Checkpoint Gnarly with Cast Commentary

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