Hey, who played Big Fat?

Devin “Big Fat” DeMamp was played by the great Jeff Howard in "Fat Cuz".

You can follow him on Twitter @JustJeffHoward.

Here’s Jeff on set, pre-completed fat suit, just creeping the hell out of everyone with his looks. Beneath all that latex, he couldn’t have been a nicer guy; makes you think that Big Fat is somewhere deep inside of him, like with Bruce Banner and the Hulk or Tony Soprano always.

For all the conspiracy theories we got asking if Big Fat was Adam Devine in a fat suit, no, no it was not; but the family resemblance amongst the on-screen DeMamps certainly didn’t hurt.  The amazing work by Makeup Artist Alexei Dmitriew made it possible. 

Look for more on how Jeff became Fat soon right here on the Workaholics Tumblr.