Wordaholics - Dry Guy

Dry Guy: A male who does not require lubrication to climax during the act of self-gratification. In fact, they often prefer their stimulation that way.

It is not known which came first; Dry Guy, Lube Dude, Mixture of Both Man, Absence of Either Bro; but it is confirmed that a Dry Guy can be any of the other three at any time, and the classifications are not exclusive.

A true Dry Guy is one who takes matters into his own hands; like a fireman, he is ready to go at the drop of a hat, whenever the situation calls for it. Critics will say he should be set in his ways, and prefer the dry method, and not simply be “making lemonade”— but, for scientific purposes, this criticism is not valid.

Should liquid of any kind accidentally be spilled on the field of self-play during the act, but before completion, the gentleman at hand would still be considered a Dry Guy. The conditions set at the initiation of the act are the most relevant to classification.

Likewise, the climax is not necessary to garner said classification; to simply intend to finish is all that is required.

In a Sentence: “Wow, that new lady in accounting sure is on my mind; but it appears I’m out of lotion, guess I’m gonna have to be a Dry Guy tonight.”