Wordaholics - FYI

FYI (fe-wi):  A phrase used to inform someone of information they either did not have, or appear to have forgotten, prior to their or an accomplices involvement in an upcoming situation.

The notification is often in a “told you so” subtext, preceding what is intended to be the closing argument of a discussion.  Usually this news relates to the consultation of a document that confirms one side of the argument’s opinion, and the phrase comes as a confirmation that their thought was the correct one.

It is also used to remind someone of a person’s past accomplishments, before they set off to do something those accomplishments clearly makes them capable of doing.  The person who forgot this accomplishment in the first place is often regarded as a fool.

Can commonly refer to the now less-popular acronym for "For Your Information".

"FYI your information", once seen as a redundancy, is now perfectly acceptable in most conversations, depending on the formal vs informal context of speech that is being used at the time. 

In a Sentence: “And FYI, Cecil, I just consulted the wedding invitation, and it says the ceremony starts promptly at 4PM, not 4:15 as you would have lead us to believe.”