Fan Fans Crafts Crafted for Fans

Made some Valentines featuring all y’all. soooo sentimental~<3



Check out some Workaholics themed Valentine’s we posted yesterday.

You can also check out more Workaholics Cards on the Workaholics Facebook Page.

And tell that special someone… the V-Day don’t end without a B-J. 

Seriously don’t tell them that.  Sure, it may work 1 out of every 30 times, but those other 29 could end with you in a courtroom.


Cool Shirt, Also Story, Brajette


I wore a Workaholics shirt today, waiting for someone to say they like the show or something, and just when it seemed like that wasn’t going to happen a guy was like “hey nice shirt, it’s tight butthole.”

Made my whole day, lol.

This shirt?  

Was the dude commenting on the shirt, or the show?  We need to know.  Market research.

This is one of the coolest Workaholics fan-created items we’ve seen yet— someone made Karl Hevacheck a weak-hitting catcher with no known leadership skills and minimal loyalty.  Sounds just like our Human Genius.

This is much better than naming your dog “DeMamp” or your second son “Blake”.  Naming your Volvo “the ‘Vo”?  Did that already, let’s see some more initiative.

Seen a cool fan shout out to Workaholics?  Made one?  Dreamed of one in a mushroom-fueled haze?  Send it to us at, we’ll post some of the less-threatening ones here.

It is also possible the creator doesn’t know Karl Hevacheck at all, and this post is a huge diservice to the Hevacheck Family, wherever they are.  If this post is removed within a week, you know that’s why.  Our apologies to the hypothetical Hevacheck’s in advance.