Watch Workaholics - The Strike right now!

"The Strike", the Workaholics episode that started the Half Christmas (#HalfXmas) craze, starts NOW on Comedy Central (East Coast/Central… West Coast you get the deal)!

Don’t forget to "Find the Hash" and tweet what you see, for a chance to win a Half Christmas present from Comedy Central!

Watch for the first time, the umpteenth, or anywhere in-between.  Merry Half Christmas to all, and we hope you get weird!

Workaholics “Find the Hash” Game TONIGHT!

During Comedy Central’s airing of "The Strike" tonight at 9/8 CT, look for hidden hashtags onscreen and tweet for a chance to win Half-Xmas presents from Comedy Central!

See the hashtag, tweet the hashtag, and you’re entered.  You’ll be notified via DM if you win.  

What’ll you win?  ”It’s no fun opening presents when you already know what you’re getting,” is what Comedy Central told us before spiriting away into a moving car.

Good luck and good hashing!