Wordaholics - Future Babe

Future Babe: Complimentary, non-predatory term used to describe girls of an age young enough that they are not legally allowed to vote, but of experience enough to be miniature versions of the woman they will become.  That woman will be a total babe, you can just tell.  What?  Just talking here.

It is a father’s job to recognize his daughter’s Future Babe status, and protect her from those who would seek to exploit his baby girl’s innocence.  To keep her away from the exotic dance club, in a performance capacity, as it were.   Really?  You watch Todd Solondz movies but THIS is too much for you?

Classic Future Babe tropes include actresses playing the role of spunky coach’s daughter in sports movies, singer-songwriter’s who make too big a deal of their virginity, and the Olsen Twins.  

Oh, now it’s OK?  Right, I don’t have a daughter, so I wouldn’t understand, but I think… You know what, probably the less said at this point, the better.  Should have written up Power Medicine instead.

In a Sentence: “Man, Natalie Portman was such a Future Babe in Beautiful Girls, I can’t believe Timothy Hutton didn’t jump all over that; well, I guess I can understand why he stayed away, at the time…”