New Year’s Resolution?


Let’s cut the whoosh.  You know that any real, down to Earf human being’s New Year’s Resolution list should look like this—

  1. #GetWeird
  2. Bunch of other blabbering for like 4-5 Resolutions
  3. Charity Work/Goodwill for Common Man

You’ve had a few days to get to the other stuff.  Now it’s time to focus on numero uno, meaning both yourself and the first thing on that list.

Crawdads, it’s time to #GetWeird.

How you choose to #GetWeird is up to you.  What’s weird to one, would be perfectly normal to another; think of the people who don’t eat pizza crust, for example.  Versus a starving person.  It makes sense.  Especially if the starving person is free of gluten allergies.

So take a moment, an hour, a spacing of time, and harness your weird for an unleashing on the world.  Wear your prom dress to the mall.  Tailgate a children’s hockey game.  Let your dog… walk you.  

Then use photography to document your weird.  Want the world to see?  Post it on Twitter with the hashtag… #GetWeird.  Send it towards @ComedyCentral and they’ll share some of the weirdest with the world.  Because the world must know the weird that is to come.

The march to weird commences with brand-new episodes of #Workaholics premiering January 16th at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.