Wordaholics - EJack

EJack: The full-on climax of a male participant in a sex act, past-pre and pre-post.  If you have to question whether your bathing suit area eruption qualifies, chances are you were just playing with it.  

The term itself covers the action only, and not the physical result; sort of like how a bazooka says nothing of the missile.  One may not be possible without the other, but they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  

It’s not like the missile has to hit anything for you to say you fired the bazooka.

A way to remember the impact of the launch is to think of it as halftime of a game that turns into a blowout.  The first half saw much give-and-take, promise of greatness, and setting of a second half stage; halftime came out of nowhere; then there was a disappointing second half where one of the teams decided to throw in the towel because it had a long day and just needs to get some rest.  

But relax, there’s always a chance of another game tomorrow morning if we wake up early enough.  But I wouldn’t bet on it.

In a Sentence: “I don’t mean to be graphic, but she did this thing that made me EJack so loud I woke up the dog; and I’m talking about my neighbor’s dog.”