Got a real Scrooge McWork in your place of business?
Trying to celebrate Half Christmas (#HalfXmas) and they won’t get off your sleeveless-sweatered back?
Then give them a dose of holiday cheer by making them your “Sneak-ret Santa”.   When they get up to use the bathroom or go be a pain in someone else’s face, give them the gift that keeps on giving— their own cubicle wrapped up tighter than their rear end.
We’re sure that when they discover their newly decorated surroundings, they’ll have an epiphany big enough to turn their Half Christmas frown upside-down.  We think.  We hope.  For your sake.
Be sure to post your Sneak-ret Santa pics to Instagram, tagged with #HalfXmas for the chance to see them on air during Comedy Central’s all-day Half Christmas party on June 25th!

Today’s HALF CHRISTMAS TIP covers something we’ve all had to worry about time and time again— wardrobe.

I know what you’re thinking — it’s the Six Days of Half Christmas, and you’ve nothing to wear.  Well just maybe… you already do.

Follow the steps as outlined in this helpful photo guide to create your VERY OWN HALF CHRISTMAS TANK TOP!

Then be sure to tag the photos of your dirty work with #HalfXMas on Instagram so we can admire your work and craftsmanship, and stay tuned for more Half Christmas Tips as we take you to Half Christmas itself, this Monday, June 25th.

(Thanks to Comedy Central interns Nick and Hannah for modeling and making, and Summer Associate Ari for the pics)