Wordaholics - Hump Day

Hump Day: The day of the week in which you do, or are aiming to commit, your humpin’.

While many tie the term to Wednesday, where one would be “over the hump” of the week, there’s been a movement to transition the phrase to a more general state of undress.  The movement starts here.  The time of beginning is now.

By declaring a Hump Day, you’re not trying to have a baby, or discover new things about yourself, or ending your senior year on a high.  You’re doing work of the horizontal variety.  You’re telling the world you have flex appeal.  You’re spiking the football before you even put your pads on.

Couples can use this as a way to tell their friends they’ll be busy, but not get too gross about it.  We’re friends with both of you guys, it’d be great to not have to imagine anything specific.  Stop talking.  I can’t unsee this.  You’re supposed to be my kid’s godparents.

In a Sentence: “Byron and Teegen won’t be joining us for bocce, they got in a spat last BBQ and they’re taking a Hump Day to reconnect.”

Coincidentally, Workaholics moves back to Wednesdays in the Season 3B premiere on January 16th on Comedy Central.  So get ready for a Hump Day of an entirely different variety… just like this oddly rambling “new” definition.  And you can keep the lights on, sweetie.  We’re comfortable with you.