Wordaholics - Butthurt

Butthurt: The feeling one gets when saddened, put out, or disappointed, but in such a way that they may be making a mountain out of this molehill.

To be butthurt, one needs a leg to stand on, but not a full blown court case.  The pain usually arrises out of social invite snubs, same-dress wearing, and not liking the dip you know I spent all that time on.  

You may dispute a friend’s level of emotional pain, but you can not outright deny their state of mind while feeling this way.  The best treatment is often a steady stream of “Yeah, I hear you”s and “She had no right”s, or just going to the garage to work on that craft project for your buddy’s birthday.  

That said, men are just as susceptible to the affliction as women, and in most cases carry the feeling much longer and in a more intense heat; the disrespect of a six pack not brought, a couch seat taken, or a Breaking Bad spoiler spoiled has been known to last a full calendar year.  

Surprisingly, the ache has no connection with one’s actual butt, arse, rear, fanny, or glute, but is more an ache of the heart.  A lament of the soul.  

A hurt of the “butt”.

In a Sentence- ”I know we didn’t want to go to Gwynne’s brunch, but she got so damn butthurt about us skipping her Winter Formal that we simply MUST attend, Randall!”