Workaholics Mix Tape: The 6 Hours Till Hedonism II Playlist

This is our final Workaholics Mix Tape for Season 2.  Check that link for Mix Tapes from previous Season 2 episodes for any licensed songs you may have missed.

With our final mix we bring one of the hardest songs of the season.  Many have already asked us, "What was that jam when the guys kidnapped Damien?"  

Well, we here at the Workaholics Tumblr DO NOT advocated kidnapping of any kind of any age group, but we DO advocate playing "Night of Broken Glass" by Jay Reatard AS LOUD AND AS OFTEN as possible.  Buy it HERE.

As we take the mix tape out of the boom box and put it in a safe place for Season 3, we leave you with the chance that we may have exciting news for you in the future about a Workaholics Season 2 Soundtrack… so stay tuned, and thanks for listening.