The car chase from MAN UP.

The most ambitious stunt the Workaholics crew undertook was this two car chasing, crossbow firing, active swerving, wild harpooning, Adam dragging donnybrook of a two minute adrenaline ride.  

Watch now for the first time, or relive the action again and again.  

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JEFF FAHEY (Lost, Machete, The Lawnmower Man) is coming to Workaholics in tomorrow night’s MAN UP.  

Adam, Blake, and Ders cross path with the enigmatic force of nature while on their journey to reclaim their machismo.  

Who could Mr. Fahey be playing?  Will he help, hurt, or even hunt(?) our favorite telemarketers?   Or will he play a mysterious link to the past?  One thing we know for certain is you do not want to miss one of the most intense guest stars Workaholics has ever had.

Watch Jeff Fahey’s Workaholics debut tomorrow night at 10:30/9:30 CT in the premiere of MAN UP, only on Comedy Central.