Wordaholics - Half Christmas

Half Christmas- Celebrated on June 25th, 6 months (half a human year) after official “recognized” Christmas, Half Christmas (#HalfXmas) allows a second chance for embracing the spirit of giving with friends, families, countrymen, and willing celebrity endorsers.

While the date simply halves the calendar, a Half Christmas observer is not expected to decrease their celebratory footprint in any way.  Full tilt holiday cheer is not only expected, but encouraged; and for every holiday sweater’s sleeves cut, evergreen tree shortened, and cubicle tinsled, there is someone chugging keg nog with reckless abandon; and it is they who are exhibiting the true #HalfXMas spirit.

But unlike secular and ethnic holidays based around themed alcohol intake, Half Christmas isn’t meant to send one face down to the bar mats; but face up to the ones you love, without having to go to Church with your Grandma or shovel the back porch.  It’s a time to party for things important to you that may have been neglected in times of non-mall decorated nativity and claymation specials. 

Half Christmas is what you make it; as long as you make it like you’re celebrating Christmas in a different time of year and slightly changing the customs and practices to better fit the new month. 

In a Sentence- “I used to think Half Christmas was just another greeting card company holiday, but then I couldn’t find any in the store, and I realized, this is ours, babe, this is ours and ours alone, and also our dozen friends I invited over so let’s deck the halls.”

Coming Next Week: The Workaholics Tumblr mentally prepares you as we celebrate half the holiday, with “The 6 Days of Half Christmas”.