Welcome to the Workaholics “Just-Ify Your Baby” contest!

In this instance, “Your Baby” doesn’t have to be an infant child, FYI.  All you need is a printer, paper for said printer, a photo taking device, and a Twitter account.  

To Enter: Tweet a pic of yourself at @workaholicsCC with the hashtag #JUSTBABY using the artwork provide here, crafted on to your face of choice.  There’s simple steps provided above, in photo form.

Next week, a panel of Comedy Central Brains will select FIVE winners to be notified via their twitter accounts, who will be awarded a JUST BABY PRIZE PACK, based on humor, creativity, and Just-Ify-ness.

Lisa Loeb herself is so proud of your bespectacled endeavor, she’s even giving us stuff for the winner’s Prize Packs!

What’s in the Prize Pack, you ask?

  • Signed Lisa Loeb poster 
  • Signed Lisa Loeb “No Fairy Tale” CD 
  • Lisa Loeb button 
  • Special toy from Lisa Loeb’s personal collection 
  • Workaholics Season 1 and 2 on Blu-ray 
  • Workaholics t-shirt (They didn’t tell me which one. Sorry.) 

For more on the Just-Ify Your Baby contest, read the OFFICIAL RULES for entry.

Good luck, and happy Just-Ifying.