Know Your TelAmericans- HomeGirl

HomeGirl was a power-background player in Season 1 of Workaholics; a lady in Waymond, er, waiting, if you will.  She went on strike (in “The Strike”), she met Bruce Benson (in “In the Line of Getting Fired”), and she was absolutely NOT up for The Promotion (in… you get it).

           ”Homegirl” (Center)

The walking-talking center of Cubicle North at TAC, “HomeGirl”, as Ders, Adam, and Blake have come to know her, has yet to reveal her real name (in real life, she’s played by thee Kristy Howard-Clark).  It’s believed Alice knows her real name, at least for business purposes, but she has yet to call her by anything than "Hey you!", "Can you not?" or “Get back to your phone!”

A jack of all trades but expert in none, HomeGirl is a 4-time TAC Employee of the Month, with an impressive 3 runner-ups.  Her 'Confused Gypsy Rambling' style of phone sales is often imitated, but never duplicated.  She once brought in cupcakes for a fellow employees birthday, even though that employee had passed 2 months prior.  HomeGirl is the mother we all wish would have put us up for adoption, and we were unable to contact for legal reasons.

Look for HomeGirl to be right at home in the TAC office in Season 2, premiering September 20th on Comedy Central.  

Know Your TelAmericans

Heeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeee’s Waymond!

If you don’t know Waymond… what do you know?  The once-described "Martin Luther King on steroids" and "f*cking sales machine" has been at TelAmeriCorp for… well before they had digital records.  He pisses on Shelly “The Machine” Levine and tells Willie Loman to put his mouth on the curb.

Part of the Cubicle of Terror with Montez and Jet Set, Waymond has an unexplained feud with Jillian, a fatherly bond with Ders, Adam, and Blake, and a black belt in Kapu Kuialua, better known as the Hawaiian art of bone-breaking.  Waymond is not Hawaiian. 

Waymond delights all and pleases none.  He’s a five foot-plus media maven of wonder and will, an iron hearted master of all things considered.  

Everybody loves Waymond (except Jillian, of course). 

Now you know Waymond; last week you met Jet Set.  So now the question is… who’s side are you on?

Know Your TelAmericans

Meet Jet Set!

Jet Set (played by Jet Set Hudson) is the corner pocket in TelAmeriCorp’s Cubicle of Terror.  He, Waymond, and Montez combine to form the most formidable sales force this side of, well, Adam, Blake, and Ders.

                                            Jet Set (center)

You may recognize him as the guys’ co-worker who, when asked what his strike demands were in ”The Strike”, requested "My dog died, bring my dog back."  

You may also recognize him from "In the Line of Getting Fired", from when Mr. Benson gave him the watch off his wrist… then the shirt off his back.  

You also may very well recognize him from your neighborhood.  We don’t know where he lives, and, honestly, we don’t know where you live.  

Jet Set WILL be lurking the cubicle walkways in Season 2, no doubt up to more no-good with Waymond and Montez, or maybe a new TelAmeriCorp employee.  

One thing we know for sure, no matter where Jet Set is, or who he’s with, he’ll be the best dressed person there.