Wordaholics - Weird

Weird: Slang for varying levels of sexual debauchery one intends to commit to, and often looks forward to, in certain “out of the ordinary” situations.  Those situations vary from the standard visit to an acquaintances college campus to the odd vacation at a sex-themed tropical getaway.

Most people looking to get weird are looking for a very specific level of weird they have already prepared their mind and body for, and will not accept any variation from their expected course.

While there is not a set number of levels, or even agreed upon generalizations, one knows when things are not the type of weird they were expecting fairly quickly.  

Often this is when an unexpected variable is thrown into the mix (bedroom/sandy beach/wheelless Greyhound bus).  Variables can take the shape of whips, chains, resort staff of the same sex, handguns, video cameras, live audiences, or even just a misplaced digit.

It’s best not to get weird unless you’re ready to act weird.  Also, be sure to practice safe weird at all times; because when you get weird with a freaky cat, you’re not just getting weird with them, you’re getting weird with everyone they’ve ever gotten weird with.

In a Sentence: "Gwynne told me to carb up, hydrate, and shave my back; it’s our 3 month anniversary and things are gonna get WEIRD!”