Wordaholics - Lyring

Lyring: The art of creatively re-imagining events so they positively influence a court case, interrogation, or parent’s sweat-out in your favor.

While sometimes painted with litigious words like “Perjury” and “Illegal”, Lyring tips the scales of justice in the direction of the good guys so the Franklin & Bash's of the world may live to Franklin another Bash.  

To properly practice the practice like on The Practice, one doesn’t simply say a red car was white; one talks about how the car was driven by roided-up juice heads who came with baseball bats and kept menacingly pointing at the storefront window while blaring Bon Jovi, and they clearly were responsible for the damage, not your errantly thrown baseball.

Rumor has it that scratched into the stall door of every city courthouse is this simple rhyme— When in court, truth stay away, and live for lyring another day.  God bless our court system and all it’s soldiers.

In a Sentence: ”My buddy Bert did some low-down dirty Lyring and got me out of that public urination beat, good thing, too, I got priors.”