Shooting a single camera TV show is a unique experience. Sometimes you get to use beautiful, exciting locations and other times you’re stuck shooting in a hot parking lot when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to shoot at a magical location full of games, rides and vaguely medieval decorations. Behold the majesty…

Wordaholics - Magic

Magic: The most common euphemism for sexual relations when one is giving a tour of their home/office/residence.

The term can be used for any sexual act, from junior high-style light petting to more mature shenanigans one would see on a pay cable late night movie.  It can also be properly used on any part of the tour, but whether there is any validity to the statement can only be determined by the speaker.

If one were to ask if what they were doing constituted Magic, they most likely have never experienced Magic, and likely will not be experiencing much of it in the near future.

The term in no way refers to any actual sorcery; if a wizard or witch were to use the term in their home, it would more likely refer to the reciting of spells, mixing of potions, and the like.  However, if a normal person were giving a tour while dressed as a wizard or witch, it would still mean they were describing sexual relations.  

Any mention of a ‘magic wand’ in relation to Magic should be evaluated by the speaker, the situation, and the proximity to cauldrons and/or sexual accessories.  

Paul McCartney once said the equivalent to "The Magic you take is equal to the Magic you make."  That proves true in any instance.

In a Sentence: “This sofa bed is where the Magic happens when we have guests staying in the master bedroom.”