Tonight on Workaholics…

TONIGHT, just ONE WEEK from the Season 3 premiere, catch four of your favorite Workaholics episodes!  

8:27/7:27 CT - OLD MAN DERS; All aboard to downtown POUND TOWN!

9:28/8:28 CT - CHECKPOINT GNARLY; B-RAD is RAD, and also, ON TV.

10:29/9:29 CTDRY GUYS; Cool Eric doesn’t care if you watch, he just wants you to use the puppets and not come to work smelling like a bar mat.  

11:31/10:31 CT - KARL’S WEDDING; Featuring Adam’s show stopping performance of "I Don’t Care".  

Then join us for ALL NEW Season 3 episodes starting NEXT Tuesday, May 29th, at 10:30/9:30 CT, only on Comedy Central.

The Workaholics “5 Seconds to Glory” Sweepstakes gives YOU the chance to have your name immortalized in a Season 3 episode!

Season 2’s winner, Brent Hoffman, saw his handle be used as one of Jillian’s dead cats in "Man Up".  This year’s winner could see their name used for a live cat, or even better, a person*!  The only guarantee is that it’ll be memorable.

(*who may or may not be alive)

To throw your name in the ring, click on the link and "LIKE" Workaholics on Facebook (if you haven’t already) to fill out the official entry form.    

Wordaholics - Season Pee

Season Pee: Unofficial, or, quasi-official, nickname for Workaholics Season Three.  Follows the “toilet humor” season nickname pattern as previously established with “Season 2/Season Poo”. 

While Season One was sometimes referred to as “Season Fun”, the show was still finding itself and had not yet settled on a universal season nickname motif.  Had producers jumped on the toilet humor nickname train out the gate, “Season Uhhhhhn” or “Season Runs” could have been acceptable entries.

Future seasons, should the show be so lucky, could move in the direction of a new nickname area, but “Season 6/Season Dix” is, at least, a nickname lock.

In a Sentence: “Workaholics Season Pee premiers Tuesday, May 29th at 10:30/9:30 CT, only on Comedy Central.”