5 Days!!!!!

The Workaholics Season 3 Premiere is now only FIVE DAYS AWAY!!! 

"The Business Trip" sees the guys prepping for their first acid experience— but here are a few other things to look forward to (SPOILER FREE)—

1) Adam, Blake, and Ders do something they’ve never done together— and we’re not talking about the acid.

2) TelAmeriCorp’s boss lady, Alice Murphy, takes her most proactive role to date.

3) Everyone’s favorite Human Genius once again proves his nickname true.

Tune in to take a trip with Adam, Blake and Ders in "The Business Trip" on Tuesday, May 29th at 10:30/9:30 CT, only on Comedy Central.

The Workaholics Mix Tape - RETURNS!

Every Wednesday morning the Workaholics Tumblr is the only place to find the Workaholics Mix Tape, your source for all the music from that week’s episode.

Starting next week with the premiere of "The Business Trip", which features songs from Teebs, Flying Lotus, and the incredibly fun to say/hard to spell Nguzunguzu, we’ll tell you what song played when and link to where you can buy it on iTunes.

Music is a huge part of Workaholics, and Adam, Blake, Ders and Kyle are all involved in choosing, and sometimes making, what goes in the show.  Along with Music Supervisor Jennifer Pyken and Music Coordinator Melany Mitchell, they search for the best songs to reflect the mood of the scene, to call back the right era, or, just rocks the most.  

In Season 3 you’ll hear music from Wavves, The Hives, old favorites/friends of the show The Black Keys, along with countless others and a few surprises (one throwback 90’s jam is too good to spoil before it’s heard).

So stay tuned to The Workaholics Mix Tape for all the details on that gotta-be-fresh Workaholics sound.