The Workaholics episode Model Kombat drew inspiration from many sources, but the final battle between Adam and Ders— which quickly becomes a battle between Adam and Blake— pays homage to one of the most memorable cult classics of the 80’s.

Bloodsport, a cinematic journey following Jean-Claude Van Damme as he competes in a dark underground fighting tournament known only as The Kumite, fueled Blake’s competitive video gaming as well as the final garage battle between former best friends (who quickly became best friends again after).

In this clip from Bloodsport, see what happens to JCVD in the film’s final battle and compare it to Blake’s predicament at the end of Model Kombat.  

Sure, JCVD is fighting in front of a blood-thirsty crowd of fight fanatics while Blake’s brawl took place in front of a bored group of office gamblers; but they’re more alike than you think.  There was even talk at one point of Karl portraying a version of the upset gambler from the movie, but ultimately the decision was made to focus on the fight at hand. 

For those scoring at home, the fight ended in a “No Contest” once Alice intervened and saved Adam from choking.  A rematch is being discussed for the TelAmeriCorp summer outing, to raise money for a charity or something.