Will they or won’t they?

A question asked about some of your favorite TV pairings.  Sam and Diane.  Ross and Rachel.  Jim and Pam.  Chuck and Blaire.  

Now, perhaps the greatest office romance that never was… is?

Watch Workaholics get "Hungry Like the Wolf Dog" tonight at 10/9 CT only on Comedy Central to see if Blake and Jillian #GetWeird.

Wordaholics - Native American Tears

Native American Tears: The most real tears one can cry, similar to those by the Native Americans in such films as DANCES WITH WOLVES and that other one.

The cryer does not have to be of Native American descent in order to be eligible to cry Native America Tears, as the term refers to the level one is upset, not any part of their heritage.  You could be deemed ineligible for casino ownership on a Native American reservation, but still cry Native American Tears.

The tears that qualify best are not derived from pain, but often from anguish, suffering, and unspeakable trauma.  We’re getting sad just thinking about it.  But not sad enough to cry, and certainly, not sad enough to cry Native American Tears.

In a Sentence: “When you dropped that keg on your foot, sure, you cried Enis, but those weren’t Native American Tears.”