Wordaholics - Chop

Chop: Admonishing a person for their verbal, physical, or mental error by air-rapping the knife-edge of your hand near the base of their neck, imitating a karate-like strike.  

Contact should not accompany the declaration; the act is punishable by the choppee calling “10 for contact” and gaining ten strikes on the chopper.

The velocity to which you chop is proportional to your level of familiarity, and respect, of that person, but is not a hard-fast rule.  You would not hard-chop a stranger unfamiliar with either the term or practice, just as you would not light-chop a person you’ve known for years simply because of the existing relationship.

A “gentleman’s chop” is a light strike, appropriate for a dinner party, office, or golf course setting.  It lets your acquaintance know that texting that guy from work without telling their husband is a poor life decision.

A “street chop” is a forceful dagger, appropriate for a bar, bachelor party, or pick-up basketball game.  It lets your boy know that doing shots of Lemon Drops should not be suggested, ordered, or taken.  

A person who believes they have committed a choppable offense can defend themselves against any action by calling "no chop" before any action can be taken against them.  In the event of a tie, the defendant should go unchopped, but the ruling would revert to the house rules regarding the matter.

The best credo to remember when engaging in chop warfare is thus: Don’t Chop less you ready to be Chopped.

In a Sentence: “You order the veggie plate at a steak joint… that’s a chop.”