Workaholics: An Episode Primer for the New Fan

Besides a solid commitment to #GetWeird, what better way to get geared up for tomorrow night’s premiere of Workaholics then catching up with some all-time favorite episodes.  While everyone has their special bits, moments, and characters, these three episode serve a new fan particularly well.  
Meet the guys.  See the world.  #GetWeird.  Then get into new episodes.  Simple recipe, great final dish.
The ‘Sodes—
  1. "Office Campout" (Season One) - The guys need a place to crash, and what better place than the TelAmeriCorp office; only problem is, they’re not alone.  This one’s available for streaming right now on Netflix, and also available on the Workaholics: Season One DVD or the Workaholics: Combo Doggy Blu Ray.
  2. "Man Up" (Season Two) - Adam, Blake and Ders go on a man trip to test their machismo.  Hilarity, a great nut pun, and some stunt driving follow.  This one’s available on the Combo Doggy Blu Ray (as well as Season 2 standard def DVD).
  3. "Real Time" (Season Three) - The guys must race Alice to work or risk getting fired.  Good news, internet people; this entire episode is currently available to watch on the Comedy Central website.

BONUS: The entire episode of "Ders Comes in Handy" is also available on the Comedy Central website, if you want to get a real solid handle on what this Montez thing is all about.

Then catch an ALL NEW episode of Workaholics in the Season 3B Premiere, “Booger Nights”, tomorrow night at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.

Notes On Office Campout:

In the Office Campout episode the guys struggle to find a way out of the office since the the front exit is blocked and they can’t risk being see by the “burglars.” 

In real life, our office actually has several very accessible exits. There are 2 on the third floor, 3 on the second floor, two on the first floor, one in the basement. If there were an actual emergency and the guys had to escape the office without being seen, it would actually be very easy (even if they were tripping very heavily on mushrooms).