Wordaholics - S’Go

S’Go: Shorthand for “Let us go”.

Usually used to drive movement, spoken in a quick manner to get things on track.  S’Go is the verbal equivalent of a whip-crack, a fast way to tell your compadres that time is, indeed, of the essence.

Derivatives include applying the word to situations of a mental or ‘rah-rah’ standpoint, IE, “It’s S’Go time”, “S’Go for launch”, and the reprehensible “You S’Go girl!”

In a Sentence: “Rise of the Planet of the Apes starts in half-an-hour, S’Go!”

Unlike most Wordaholics entries, S’Gos definition can be enhanced through repetition. Multiple uses of the word directly relate to the direness of the current situation the speaker finds themselves in.  

Further Examples:

  • S’Go S’Go: Shorthand for “Let us go, in haste.”  A double usage often indicates the user is moving in direct relation to someone chasing them.

In a Sentence: “I just stole a bottle of Bushmills from behind the bar, and I think the bouncer saw me, S’Go, S’Go.”

  • S’Go S’Go S’Go: Shorthand for “Let us go, I smell smoke!”  Triple usage most likely indicates that an event is happening that could affect the quality of life of the user, or a valued possession of theirs.

In a Sentence: “S’Go S’Go S’Go, they’re right behind us and one of them has a ball bat, they just shattered my Jeep’s windshield!”

  • S’Go S’Go S’Go S’Go (ad infinitum): Shorthand for “Let us go, there’s a fire!  In the room we are currently in!” or a similar equivalent.  After triple usage, further repetition doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a greater danger, just that a danger great enough to cause intense panic has arisen.  Or the speaker just likes the way it sounds.

In a Sentence: “S’Go S’Go S’Go S’Go, I pulled the pin from this grenade I found in Grandpa’s war memories box, then I dropped the grenade!!!!!!”