"On the Fifth Day of Half Christmas…

…this Tumblr gave to me, motivation to take an old man’s seat.”

Welcome.  Have a coffee and a seat.  Ready?

Here is your Half Christmas (#HalfXmas) mission for Half Christmas Eve, should you choose to accept it.

1) Put on pants (assuming this needs to be Step 1 for 75% of you).

2) Go to a local gathering spot or place of public business.

3) FIND and LOCATE a Santa-esque looking man.  I’d say "or Santa-like Woman," but that’s a hell of a beard to pull off and that’s some #HalfXmas magic you don’t want to be on the wrong side of.

4) POLITELY — that is the key here, kids; anyone can bum rush Uncle Hubie and photo bomb him, but that’s not safe or sanitary, and we don’t know how healthy his heart is — ask the gentleman if you may take a Half Christmas photo with him.  Because he looks like Santa, see?

5) Post the photo to Instagram using the official #HalfXmas tag.

BONUS - If you find Vince Vaughn, and get a picture with him (remember, he’s Fred Claus), you win a Workaholics Tumblr prize that will be very small and in no way a legally binding contract.  Quantity limited to one.  Please don’t bother or harm Vince Vaughn.  PLEASE.

Good luck, Half Christmas Sentries.  And remember…

"Merry Half Christmas to all!  And we hope YOU GET WEIRD!"