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As they do every Tuesday, the Workaholics cast will be Live Tweeting tonight’s new episode, 6 Hours Till Hedonism II. A promoted hash tag will appear on the bottom of the screen so be sure to tag all your tweets accordingly. 

Tweet something funny/clever/original and you’ll probably get mentioned on this page.

Here are the best tweets from last Tuesday:

The  guys are still pussies.
Tuesday is the best TV night. , #90210, …happy, happy show night!
 owes me a new pair of jeans, these ones r pee’d out
 is either one unfortunate cat or one lucky contest winning dude 

Our Next Episode…

We can now announce the next episode of Workaholics Season Two is called…


Log Line: The guys go on the lam from a security guard in Montez’s gated community.

Yes, that’s a shirtless Waymond. You’re welcome.


Tune in to see Montez’s house, among other things, Tuesday, November 1st, at 10:30/9:30 CT, on Comedy Central.

#Workaholics Season Two LIVE TWEETING.

Follow the cast of Workaholics as they live tweet during tonight’s episode, at 10:30/9:30 CT.  

If you don’t already follow Mail Order Comedy on Twitter, you can find them at—





— and tune in tonight as they give you inside info, commentary, and more as they tweet with you about the episode.  Just use the hashtag #Workaholics to join in.