Workaholics - Season 1 on DVD

We’ve finally received the official release date for Workaholics Season 1 on DVD… OCTOBER 11!  

That’s when you can buy all of Season 1 at your local place of media sales.  Or you can just click the link below.


Available in it’s own case, featuring discs that contain episodes from the first season of Workaholics, we’re also told that the discs will PLAY actual episodes.  That’s right, actual DVD’s that feature ALL of the Season One episodes of Workaholics.  

It’s Adam, Blake, and Ders doing what they do best, in episodic form, but also bringing you something they do very well, in the form of BONUS FEATURES—

  • Cast Interviews: Hear the guys talk about the show.  Also, other stuff.
  • Deleted Scenes: See what was cut when we had to tighten the butthole on a few episodes; but don’t think you’re going to see a bunch of loose butthole scenes… these are tight butthole all the way.  We even wanted to call them butthole scenes, but we couldn’t get approval from the higher ups.
  • Digital Originals: That’s right, tell your computer to go screw, you’re going to watch Workaholics Digital Content on your DVD Player! (Note: If you only use your computer to watch DVD’s, be careful.  You don’t want to make your computer angry.)
  • Alternative Takes: During filming, the guys like to try things a number of different ways; for the first time ever, see some alternate versions of your favorite Workaholics scenes.  
  • Live at Bonnaroo: Didn’t make it to Bonnaroo to see the guys perform their ALL NEW, original live show?  Well here it is, and you don’t have to go to a field in Tennessee to see it.
  • Audio Commentary on All Episodes: We’ve already posted pics from the recording session, and we assure you— you’ve never heard commentary tracks quite like these.  Trust us.
  • And More!: We know for a fact that “More” is NOT just interactive menus and trailers, which other people try to pass off as original content.  Nope, this will be much better.  We promise.  

Get all this and more (like we just said) October 11th… and don’t forget to catch the premiere of Season Two September 20th on Comedy Central.