Wordaholics - Season Pee

Season Pee: Unofficial, or, quasi-official, nickname for Workaholics Season Three.  Follows the “toilet humor” season nickname pattern as previously established with “Season 2/Season Poo”. 

While Season One was sometimes referred to as “Season Fun”, the show was still finding itself and had not yet settled on a universal season nickname motif.  Had producers jumped on the toilet humor nickname train out the gate, “Season Uhhhhhn” or “Season Runs” could have been acceptable entries.

Future seasons, should the show be so lucky, could move in the direction of a new nickname area, but “Season 6/Season Dix” is, at least, a nickname lock.

In a Sentence: “Workaholics Season Pee premiers Tuesday, May 29th at 10:30/9:30 CT, only on Comedy Central.”