Did you miss Blake and Jillian almost front-bumping their way out of the Friend Zone in "Hungry Like the Wolf Dog"?  Well brush your teeth, check your pits, and suggestively dive in with this clip.

Then catch more episode highlights on Comedy Central’s website.

Then tell your friend you like but you haven’t had the guts.  Time to step up, he/she’s not going to be waiting for ya forever.  This could be the start of something great; or the culmination of months worth of smiley texts, either way, it’ll be progress, and you’ll be free to make a whole new set of mistakes this weekend.

Wordaholics - Pornog

Pornog: The sexually charged materials which you view in order to turn your Lil Smokey into a Hebrew National.

That involves everything from a man and woman kissing, to a man and woman kissing in places other than what is conventionally defined as kissing, to a man and a woman being in separate rooms but still kissing items from whatever grab bag of issues your deep seeded conscience has deemed Go Milk and you just ate cookies.

Hell, it doesn’t even need to be a man and a women.

Hell, it doesn’t even need to involve kissing.

Hell, it doesn’t even need to involve hot dog related metaphors, ladies, you turn your taco stand from a failing business to a 5-star YELP review if that’s what plugs in the Christmas tree this holiday season.

In short, you define what Pornog is.  I just work here.

In a Sentence: “Things with Jesse were getting a little stale, so I thought I’d introduce some Pornog into the equation, and see what added up; and let me tell you, she got so worked up I was leaving remainders all over the quadratic equation, because I’m a math teacher.”