Wordaholics - DRO

Dro: Nickname for the herb known primarily as marijuana, but check it randy, it’s also known by many, many other handles.  Derived from HyDROponically grown grass, a type of lab-based pot that is, like, better and more man made and shit.

Like, you build Robocop in a lab?  He’s better than a Robocop you find in the street, right?  Same thing applies here— you want the best Robocop you can get, and the lab just does stuff that nature can’t.  Like add a gun in his hip he can just pull out when he needs to shoot fools.

I’m not knocking nature, though, back off!  Nature made wolverines and they’re saucesome.  That’s just what I say instead of awesome sauce, since that sounds dumb, but saucesome makes you think.  Like Sherlock Holmes.

Where are we? 

In a Sentence: “I just had the worst day, the boss was riding me like a gelding; I just want to sit back, watch some streaming documentaries, blow dro, and let the time pass.”