Wordaholics - Shib

Shib: A multi-purpose utility word used to express everything from frustration (“Flub this shib!”) to elation (“Shib yes!”), to all in-between (“We got a lot of shib on our plates!”).

It’s origin lies in a search for a TV censors bleep-free alternative to “shit”, but the current use has overtaken the first intent and bore it’s own fruit.  While once a temporary replacement, it has it’s own office and is intending to get comfortable.

While the meaning can be linked directly to excrement and overall nonsense, to refer to something as shib does not connect it to those extremes automatically.  Same old shib, different way, as it were, and it is, and we do.

In a Sentence: “That middle linebacker is yoked, dude was built like a brick shib-house!”