Now that you’ve gotten to know Sigourney Beaver from STOP! PAJAMA TIME, we can discuss how we came to work with her.

Prop Master Todd Daniels was able to secure the use of a Real Doll, from the Real Doll company, for our scripted stunt double from Alien: Resurrection.  He had to keep her under lock and key for storage, and safety, concerns, but on the bright side he got to drive in the car pool lane whenever she was moved to different locations.

Director Kyle Newacheck was excited about the inventive ways Sigourney could be used on set, and blocked several scenes in new ways once he realized what she was capable of.  The “Sigourney Cam” was an on-set decision that lead to one of the most memorable images from the episode.

You can research purchasing your own Sigourney Beaver from the Real Doll company HERE.  The link is NSFW, depending on where you work, but if you have to ask?  Probably a good idea to wait until you’re home.  Know what, you should definitely wait until you’re home.

It’s not known if Sigourney will ever recover from her roof fall, but after what she went through on the set of Alien: Resurrection?  We’ve never count her out for a return.