Welcome to SHART WEEK!

In promotion with Comedy Central’s “#SNARKWEEK, we here at the Workaholics tumblr believe the truest form of snark is not listening to your bosses. ¬†Hence, we’ll be celebrating SHART WEEK all week long!

As a part of Shart Week, we’ll be bringing you all sorts of shart related content, such as:

  • Personal shart attack survival stories from the Workaholics Cast & Crew
  • Wordaholics - Shart brings you the definitive meaning of the word; as well as a clear understanding on how to use it in a sentence
  • Shart-related pics, videos, and GIFS
  • Numerous shart related puns
  • Can you snark about a shark who sharts? We’ll find out! ¬†

Then, perhaps the most anticipated Shart Week content of all…

  • The first inductees to the SHART HALL OF FAME~!

We’ll also still have plenty of Workaholics behind-the-scenes looks and news for you throughout the week. But, until then—

Treat every fart like it’s Shart Week.